Secrets In The Forest

One day a girl and her dad in his late 80’s went for a walk in a forest in Tasmania. The sign read  “a secret hides in this forest” but they went anyways.  They continuted walking then they heard sounds, they still continuted and saw some foot prints .. they looked like bear foot prints!!  They followed the trail of the foot prints.  Bushes are moving and they are getting affraid. They were getting tired, and all of a sudden BANG the girl bumped in to a sign that said “treasure left” and on the other sign said “obstacle mania” . The girl got a bruise but other than that she was okay. They didnt believe that there was a treasure so they went right the side of the obstacle mania. While they were walking they saw a big bump, they started digging with their hands… the dad felt something hard and his nail chipped!! “Dont worry im fine” said the dad. The girl also felt the hard object. Both of them dug around it and lifted the object up! It was a treasure box!! They were speechless!! “Someone must have switched the signs around” said the girl. The dad agreed. They opened up  the box.. Can you guess what was in there??? There were a bunch of diamonds and rubys !!! The girl felt something soft at the bottom… at the bottom there were a bunch of fake mustaches !! Large and small!! They were so happy with the diamonds, rubys, and mustaches they ran home as fast as they can ! They didnt notice that on the diamonds and rubys it said “made in China”! They told so many people that it was real! And  they still have no idea!!! What will happen next??!! – By Amrita 🙂

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