My Tumbling Report Card


That  is my tumbling report card! I love tumbling a lot!! Tumbling is different then gymnastics.. we do stuff on ground like front handsprings, front tucks, aerials… we are learning to do them but we can do other stuff too:P  There are other skills too.  I go tumbling once a week for one hour but I practice everyday to get better!!   I practice A LOT!! What activates do you do? Say in the comments below! Thanks bye!!

Skating With Ms.Muirs Class!!!!!!!

Skating with Ms.Muir’s class was really fun. We went for three sessions. I improved on my skating each time. (i cant skate at all!!!)  On the first session I was holding on the sides and i would never let go!! Then on my second session I have to admit I was scared but not as scared as the first time, I still would hold on to the side but then at the end my friend helped me to get off the sides and try with out them then i started to waddle like a penguin!! At the third session I improved  a lot in my opinion. I got off the railing … I was so surprised I got off. Lol:) So that’s all.. Buh bye ~ byeee ~ P.S : the time when i was scared the most was when I just stepped on the ice, it was soooooooooooooooooo slippery with 18 o’s in so. ( I THINK THERE ARE 18 O’S IN THE SO.. IT CONFUSED ME!!! LOL )

Secrets In The Forest

One day a girl and her dad in his late 80’s went for a walk in a forest in Tasmania. The sign read  “a secret hides in this forest” but they went anyways.  They continuted walking then they heard sounds, they still continuted and saw some foot prints .. they looked like bear foot prints!!  They followed the trail of the foot prints.  Bushes are moving and they are getting affraid. They were getting tired, and all of a sudden BANG the girl bumped in to a sign that said “treasure left” and on the other sign said “obstacle mania” . The girl got a bruise but other than that she was okay. They didnt believe that there was a treasure so they went right the side of the obstacle mania. While they were walking they saw a big bump, they started digging with their hands… the dad felt something hard and his nail chipped!! “Dont worry im fine” said the dad. The girl also felt the hard object. Both of them dug around it and lifted the object up! It was a treasure box!! They were speechless!! “Someone must have switched the signs around” said the girl. The dad agreed. They opened up  the box.. Can you guess what was in there??? There were a bunch of diamonds and rubys !!! The girl felt something soft at the bottom… at the bottom there were a bunch of fake mustaches !! Large and small!! They were so happy with the diamonds, rubys, and mustaches they ran home as fast as they can ! They didnt notice that on the diamonds and rubys it said “made in China”! They told so many people that it was real! And  they still have no idea!!! What will happen next??!! – By Amrita 🙂

My Passion is…

My passions are tumbling & drawing. Both of them to me are soooo interesting!! I go to tumbling classes and I teach my self how to draw. I find them challenging but its worth learning. I go tumbling once a week on tuesdays but I still practice everyday at home to get better at it. I love drawing a lot.. I have some drawing books at home. The types of drawing books I have are cartoon and manga. I really enjoy tumbling and drawing. – Amrita 🙂

In Mexico..

Day 1 > I arrived and I was very tired, in mexico their are many lizards! I got really scared when I saw it but now im used to it. I went to the pool with my sister and my mum and after we went to the lazy river and the beach, my dad didnt come along because he wanted to relax in the suite. When I was in the tube in the lazy river I tipped over face first ! It was funny!

Day 2 > Day two we chilled near the pool and their were aerobic classes going on so I just joined with my sister, then when that finished we just swam in the pool, around 4 we went in town and shopped. I got some stuff back for some friends and Mr. Woods.

Day 3 > Day three was the resorts anniversary and they invited some people for breakfast, my family got chosen to eat breakfast . After breakfast we went near the pool and we swam . After a bit it started raining and we went back to our room , then the rain turned it to a HUGE thunderstorm. Well those are all the days that have past by and thats what we have done tomorrow on Day 4 me my mum and sister are going swimming with dolphins !! Im really exited ! I love it here in mexico! I cant wait to come back to Canada though ! Thanks bye !

Who would I like to meet? Dead and Alive…….

Who would I like to meet who are alive :

1. Barack Obama : Is it difficult being president?

2. Tiger Woods : How many hours do you practice golf?

3. Justin Bieber : What to you is your favourite song you have made from your album “Believe?”

4. Gabby Douglas : How many gymanstics medals have you won?

5. Harry Styles : How long do you think your band will last?

Dead (that kinda sounds freakyy!!):

1. Micheal Jackson : How did it feel to be the king of music?

2. Great Grand-dad : Was my mum stubborn as a kid?

3. Amy Winehouse : What got you interested in to music?

4. Whitney Houston : How did it feel being such an amazing singer?

5. Bob Marley : Have you ever wondered why you are such a big inspiration to many people?

Over March Break I……

Monday: On Monday I woke up at about 11:00am and did normal stuff like my brush my teeth and get changed take a shower, eat breakfast etc. On Monday I just chilled at home with my sister. In the evening we watched a show called “The Following”  the show is really interesting, every second something intense happens!  Tuesday: To me Tuesday was the best day of my march break, why you ask? I’ll tell you why…. On Tuesday morning I woke up like normal and did the same stuff like my brush then in the afternoon Kailey asked if I’d like to come over so I went to Kaileys house and after when I came back from her house I chilled then my dad said he was going out to the pub with friends … READY FOR THE EXITING AND CONFUSINGLY WEIRD PART??!! well here it comes… my dad calls my mum and says he has been stoped by the police and asks for the insurence papers my mum says on the side of the car after my dad calls again and says he is finishing off his last drink then my dad calls again and says he is getting milk thats why he is taking so long to get back home.  My dad comes home and the door bell rings … we all are wondering who it is and my dad says its his friend then when the door opens my sister says it that uncle ?? And I said dont be silly he lives in England!! Then he walks in and it was my uncle!!! All that time my dad went to the airport to get my uncle and made up those lies to delay because he was taking so long to come out of the airplane, everyone knew my uncle was coming except for me my mum and my sister !! Everyone was so surprised! It was an amazing day! It was so nice to see my uncle since i normally see him once every 2 years.  My dad was very happy since he is his brother and the barely see eachother….. My dad knew about him coming since January! My uncle was in Los Vegas and he dropped my to visit us in Canada , it was amazing to see him. Wednesday, Thursday: On Wednesday and Thursday my uncle was tired from his trip in Vegas we just chilled my dad took Wednesday and Thursday off from work  to spend time with my uncle, like I said we just chilled on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday: On Friday some of our friends invited us over for dinner so we went their on Friday. Saturday: On Saturday my aunt invited us over for lunch so thats what we did on Saturday. Sunday: Sunday was a sad and nice day, it was sad since my uncle was leaving that day. The good part was that we went to the mall for MEXICO SHOPPING!! You may be wondering what is ”MEXICO SHOPPING”  I went Mexico shopping since im leaving to go Mexico on Saturday for vacation for a week.Yep thats right my uncle left on St. Patricks Day. My uncle left around 5:30 it was sad , it was sad to see him go but he had to. SO that was my March break!! What did you do over march break? Maybe you should write a paragraph on your blog about what YOU did over MARCH BREAK!! And did you have a good St. Patricks Day?! Tell me what you did in the comments or write it on your blog and I will check it out!! I HOPE YOU HAD AN AMAZING MARCH BREAK!!  Byeee ~ 🙂 – Amrita

If I lived in Hawaii I would…….

If I lived in Hawaii I would learn how to surf. You might be thinking why would I want to surf in Hawaii. I chose to learn how to surf in Hawaii because that is one of the things Hawaii is famous for(surfing). It is very hot in Hawaii.. so if I ever learn how to surf their it would be awesome. Hawaii is made up of some islands.  Hawaii is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, that means that I can go surfing on the PACIFIC OCEAN!! I would be surfing on the biggest ocean in the world.  – Amrita 🙂